Layers of Light: Casting a New Light on an Incandescent Philosophy


Light has always been a focal point of the design process for architects and designers. Today, it has become an essential tool for homeowners to transform their homes into spaces built for living, working, and entertaining.

LED technology, particularly warm-dim and the use of linear led, has elevated the way we think about light in our homes. Today, there are more options than ever to effectively light and transform our house to be uniquely our home. A well-lit home should be personal, purpose driven, comfortable, and flexible. We can achieve this through the thoughtful use and control of the 5 Layers of Light:

● Daylight
● Ambient
● Task
● Accent
● Decorative


A thoughtful lighting design for the home starts with daylight. Daylight is the primary source of energy and wellness in the home. It is important to allow for the ample penetration of daylight throughout the home. Shades should be used to allow for flexibility and to mitigate glare.


An extension or replacement of daylight, ambient lighting is used to fill in areas of the home where daylight does not penetrate. It also provides a base level of illumination in the evening. 

Ambient lighting should be soft, diffused, and glare-free. Coves and hidden light details with linear LEDs, such as curtain pockets, are a great way to achieve this. In situations such as shallow ceilings where architectural coves are not possible, Luminii offers several products to help, including mCove, mCove REC, and Knife Edge.


Task lighting encompasses a large range of applications. As the name suggests, it is used to provide appropriate levels of illumination for accomplishing tasks. Undercabinet lighting (Kendo M) in the kitchen, vanity lighting (Clareo Wall) in the powder room, or closet lighting (Runda Closet Rod) in the bedroom are marquee examples of this. 

Task lighting should be direct, shadow-free, and provide the needed level of illumination. It should be used in coordination with ambient lighting and not be overbearing or glary. STENOS by Luminii offers a downlighting solution for both ambient and task lighting. It’s a modular and flexible all-in-one system for clean and quiet ceilings.


Accent lighting is the perfect opportunity to add interest and contrast in your home. Too often accent lighting is overlooked, though the case may be made for it being the most important. Accent lighting breaks up the ambient and task lighting, which if left on their own, may result in a flat or uninspiring look and feel. Accent lighting draws the eye through the room and provides the necessary highlights to make the important features in the home stand out.

Whether it be featuring an art collection (Arm), highlighting finishes (Kendo M Graze), or adding playful, color-changing lighting (Kendo M RGB), Luminii offers countless products to meet the diverse applications of accent lighting.


Decorative lighting is the perfect opportunity to make a house uniquely your home. Whether a flashy statement piece or a subtle accent, decorative lighting may be used in a wide range of applications, including as ambient, task, or accent lighting.

Plexineon from iLight by Luminii may be used for a modern take on a chandelier. Or, consider Kilo S or Hera for a classic look. 

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