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Elevating the HŌM: Over Cabinet Lighting 

An indirect, alluring, and soft glow, strongly preferred over harsh direct lighting solutions, can be achieved with over cabinet lighting. 

Illuminating the open space between the top of cabinets and ceiling artfully draws attention and gives the appearance of a larger space. LED strip lighting is a popular way to achieve this look in the kitchen, dining room, or any other area with cabinets. 

The Design Power of Uplighting

High-quality indirect lighting can breathe new life into any room and dramatically improve its visual appeal. 

Over cabinet lighting is a lighting design trick used in spaces with low ceilings to give the appearance of those coveted tall ceilings. LED strips are perfect over cabinet lighting solutions to highlight decor or a variety of accents in the home. 

Luminii’s LineLED series offers energy-efficient LED strip solutions that integrate with customizable lighting products. The flexible lighting strips offer easy installation with adhesive transfer tape, allowing for easy installation and endless possibilities. 

Warm dim and dynamic white illumination in an array of adjustable lengths, ranging from 130 FT to 540 FT, are possible with Luminii’s specification-grade, high efficacy LED strips. 

HŌM Over Cabinet Lighting Products 

  • LINELED 42 SO (130 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 42 (225 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 42 VHO (320 LM/FT)
  • LINELED WD68 (370 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 72 SO (270 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 72 HO (440 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 72 VHO (540 LM/FT)