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Elevating the HŌM: Mirror Lighting 

Mirrors and lighting can work magic in the home. Pairing the two elements can also completely transform residential spaces. 

Well-placed mirror lighting can revamp, brighten, and expand spaces. Small, dark rooms lacking depth, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, can greatly benefit from mirror lighting. 

Aside from enlarging the look of a room, mirrors reflect and multiply colors and natural lighting. Mirror lighting in architectural design accentuates beautiful interiors, even when natural lighting is scarce.

Residential Backlit Mirror Lighting 

Adding LED strip lighting behind a mirror adds a simple touch of luxury. You can easily create the ambience of a five-star resort in the bathroom of your home while keeping a practical mindset. 

Luminii’s LineLED series offers energy-efficient, high-performance mirror lighting solutions. The flexible lighting strips are equipped with adhesive transfer tape allowing for easy installation. 

These small-profile solutions can be paired with aluminum profiles like KM CHANNEL or KS CHANNEL for adaptable and discreet applications.  

The LineLED series is available in warm and dynamic white, as well as a variety of color solutions, with an array of adjustable lengths ranging from 130 FT to 540 FT

Luminii HŌM Mirror Lighting Products

  • LINELED 42 SO (130 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 42 HO (225 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 42 VHO (320 LM/FT)
  • LINELED WD68 (370 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 72 SO (270 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 72 HO (440 LM/FT)
  • LINELED 72 VHO (540 LM/FT)